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Specifics of work

First, let's understand the categories of investments

Investments in coins that are in the market
Investing in token sales projects

The advantage of the second option is - huge X's. When you participate in tokenseals, you can get a good profit, but right when the token is on the market - they start to pour into the glass. You will get the most money in Private and Seed investing rounds, but only people with a reputable name are accepted there, because many people have money on the crypto market, but not everyone has a community. With each time participation in tokenseals becomes more and more difficult for a large number of people, so it is worth resorting to multi-accounts - registration for participation of several accounts at once.

It's not without risks, either. The key one is HYIP-projects. The easiest way to fall for the trick is to follow a fake link and transfer money to a third-party wallet. Hackers and cryptocurrency are now inextricably linked: online scammers breathe down the neck of investors.

The popularity of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, as well as their value, has shifted all the attention of easy money seekers to their extraction, and, as you know, not the most legal ways. That's why we urge you to follow the safety rules, keep an eye on your accounts and use all possible methods to protect your computer and wallet. In our turn, we try as hard as we can to ensure this security on our part.

Trading or investing?

  • Requires a serious commitment
  • It takes time to start trading at least at "zero"
  • It's hard to get started without training
  • Trading is work
  • Failure to comply with the risks will result in the loss of your deposit
  • No need to sit 24/7 in front of the monitor
  • Knowledge can be obtained from open sources without training
  • It is possible to make money, but you have to wait
  • Good ideas on the surface
  • There are many areas for a stable income

It's up to you to decide which path to take

What's the best place for a beginner to start?

The first thing is to become familiar with the market as a whole and to sort out the main aspects.
For many, the path began this way: first they started trading, and then they learned about investing. It is extremely difficult to make money there and there for several reasons:

Experienced traders can get $10 000 - $100 000 per transaction, but you should consider the risk of losing the same amounts.
A trader earns on volatility. If the market is sideways, it becomes uninteresting to trade.
Thanks to the teamwork of experienced professionals it is possible to build a long-term strategy and receive a stable income with minimized risks.

How did you come to be involved in crypto?

A question that we hear quite often in our directorate. We decided to take off the masks and get you closer to a part of our team. Each of us has a history with crypto: someone left work and made a bet "all in crypto", And someone remembers ether at $1, but still regrets that "HOLD" did not become his main strategy in crypto.

First of all, is a team!

A team in which each member closes a different front of work. Our main development vector is the b2b and b2c segment. Working with us, you will have insider information and future opportunities. We will be among the first, if not the first, to learn information, strategy and development plans. It takes a large, responsible team to do our company's tasks well. and responsible team. It's very hard to do everything alone. Plus, in our experience: in crypto, teamwork has more advantages than playing alone.


Registration on the site
Complete a quick and clear registration on the site to create a personal account.
Balance replenishment
We recommend to work with Tether currency (TRC20), which is considered the most stable steblecoin and is equivalent to USD currency.
Additional payment systems are in myAlpari!
To be able to top up via other cryptocurrencies or e-wallets, please contact the team's online-consultant.
Telegram - @SitenameHelper
start of earnings

You have three ways to make money with the company:

The first is an investment program represented by a number of fixed-rate deals.

The second is working with traders, where the operational activity is carried out on the largest exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, Nasdaq, NYSE, etc.), with the help of private brokers. You will have an opportunity to work directly with traders.

The third is income with the help of a trading robot which works automatically and carries out transactions on the financial markets in the interests of the trader. It uses a pre-set trading strategy and performs trading operations independently. Thereby providing greater profitability over time, without the intervention of the investor and trader. Trading robot uses mathematical models and algorithms to perform trading operations.

Investment Plans


24 hours

Min: $50
Max: $500

24 hours

Min: $501
Max: $2,000

48 hours

Min: $2,001
Max: $5,000

72 hours

Min: $5,001
Max: $Unlimied

For partners

The platform also gives you the opportunity to earn without investing. We have developed our own affiliate program with a perfect approach, stable marketing to attract new partners and encouragement for the invitee. The Affiliate Program works like this - For each new client in your line you receive a bonus depending on the investment of your partner in the form of a set percentage of the affiliate program, charging of the affiliate program is instant and immediately available for withdrawal.

Affiliate Program:

First Line
Second Line
Third Line
Fourth Line
Fifth Line
Sixth Line


We care about the security of your personal data, a multi-level system of digital protection completely eliminates the possibility of taking possession of your information and makes it impossible for third parties to access your data. Never give your login and password to unauthorized people. Stick to the standard safety rules.

If you're having trouble accessing the site, use any VPN service you like.

Insurance assets:

Each client of the platform receives an insurance asset, which is equal to the amount of the open transaction for the entire period of validity. This is done in order to exclude your losses in case of possible unsuccessful trades from our side. We value our reputation and our relationship with each and every customer without exception! With confidence in our experience, knowledge and skills, we are ready to take all the risks.

Registration is registered and licensed under the UK company house with registeration number: 10239634 and address at Enterprise House, 2 Pass Street, Oldham, Manchester, United Kingdom, OL9 6HZ
Incorporated on 20 June 2016 as a Private limited Company


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Despite the fact that this field of activity is not legalized in every country of the world, our team is always available and happy to help with advice on any matter of interest to you.

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